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Customized Service

Every business is unique.
Recom provides a customized solution for every business.
Options include, on-site operation and implementation consultanting, “Plug-and-play”software, and consignment services.


Unlock Your Selling Potential

Catalog Management

Systematically and efficiently log quantity and condition of product received by PO in real time.
Create content for all condition types and all marketplaces with one entry.
Stored edit history to prevent duplicate listings and enhance employee accountability.
Scan UPC to auto-populate top marketplace content for recommendations on titles, specifications & trending prices.
Publish customized product data to all channels to meet marketplace requirements.

Multi-Channel Integration

Efficient and easy integration to new selling channels and storefronts.
Choose which channels to sell on and which not to right from product page.
Map your products’ data to meet every marketplace requirement to maximize visibility.
Increased visibility through instant SEO valued specification integration of products.

Inventory Management

Maintain accurate inventory levels real time across all selling channels and storefronts without manual intervention.
Data accuracy through practice of single source of truth.
Integrated FBA replenishment and conversion.
Prevent surpluses and shortages with advanced sales history analysis.

Order Management

Centralized Order hub integrated with all marketplaces to increase efficiency.
Order data contains all order details including customer, product, price, shipping, and custom order information.
Streamlined customer support contains unique order details with a notes section for customer correspondence.

Integrated Pricing

Price relevant to the market inside your safety nets.
Different pricing structures for each channel.
Repricing rules to win Buy Box.
Instant reaction to competitors’ price changes without manual intervention.
Secure profitability by setting your minimum & maximum prices.

Business Intelligence

Employee Performance can be measured at every step of your operation. Data is available real-time to see an employee’s hours worked, downtime, and productivity compared to co-workers.


Customized reporting based on business needs.
Sales reports to maximize profit.
Employee productivity reports to ensure operational efficiency.
Product specific reports to identify content opportunities.
Turn daily data into researchable archive.

Why Us?

Current Sellers Achieve


(Increase) Employee Productivity


(Increase) Order Volume


(Increase) Returning Customers


(Increase) Profit Margin

Amazing Tools & Design

1. Mobile Friendly

Access the System from any device, is compatible with all devices and screen sizes.

2. Dynamic intuitive views for all employee levels from technician to executive

We think about design and how user feel when navigate through the system seriously.

3. Great Tools for better Business

We are a business team not only an IT team, we think about your business just like ours.


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